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Japan Festivals in May.

1-2 May Yotaka Matsuri Fukuno, Toyama Prefecture

Picture3Night festival of colourful floats consisting of giant, decorative paper lanterns. At around midnight, the lanterns begin to be paraded around town with local men hanging from them who start battles whenever other floats come close.


1-10 May Nozaka Mairi Daito City, Osaka Prefecture

Thousands gather on the approach to Nozaka Kannon Temple to enjoy puppet plays, storytelling and a range of other classical arts and festival amusements.

1-5 May Fujiwara Festival

Hiraizumi, Iwate Prefecture

The main event is a period dress parade on the 3rd recreating the arrival of Minamoto Yoshitsune and his entourage when he came to Hiraizumi in northern Japan to seek the protection of Fujiwara Hidehira.

 Koshigaya Transparent 72x72


30th Anniversary Delegation to Koshigaya

23rd October to 27th October 2014

Applications are now sought from members to travel to Koshigaya for the celebrations to be held in Japan.

Application forms are available from the Secretary.