Sky Tree Tower....again?

tokyo skytree worlds tallest towerAfter the grand opening on May 22, the new Tokyo Skytree Tower has had 1million visitors in 5 days.
To date the accompanying retail and professional businesses at Skytree Town have had 1,132,000 people visit from Tokyo, major Japanese cities and rural towns. This included tourists and other guests (on the first weekend of opening, 564,000 visitors arrived!).
32 million visitors are expected in the first year!

Skytree is situated in the old Asakusu precinct. At 634 meters it is now officially the tallest ‘Tower’ in the world, 34 meters taller than the previous record holder, Canton Tower in Guangzhou, China.

Built to provide high quality T.V. and radio signals throughout the Sumida Ward, the tower is the iconic centre of the commercial hub, Skytree Town (mentioned above). 

Skytree Town Centre owners, Tobu Tower Skytree Co and its parent, Tobu Railway Co. are expecting a total of 28.3 billion yen in sales and 3.2 billion yen operating profit at end of business next March.
Sumida Ward is hoping for an economic benefit to the area of approximately 88 billion yen per year!!!